Over 175 million sft offices. Over 100,000 homes. Over 40 million sft of landscape. Over 300 professionals in India. We are RSP, a global design consultancy with 12 offices in Asia.

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4 Game-changing Tech Trends at the RSP DARC, our Design and Research Cell

It’s easier to be a trend follower than a trend setter. Technology innovation has always been a big part of design, and pioneering them a necessity for creative firms. On the other hand, there are many failed innovations that fall through the cracks or that somehow never take off.

So selecting them has risks: it’s simply easier to do business as usual, and let the market drive you, but there are big rewards when you catch the wave at the right time and have a say on surfing the course for the future.

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Our People and our Culture

Our people are key drivers of our clients’ success. We bring years of insight through an international, diverse and eager to learn team.