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Residential Development



Site Area



Year of Completion


Karle Group

4.5 Acres

1.05 Mn Sft



The design of Karle Residence prioritize the human experience, viewing building design as a means of creating spaces that resonate with people. The project meticulously addresses the four physical senses, enveloping residents in an atmosphere of tranquility and warmth that extends to a fifth, emotional sense. The design emphasizes intuitive way-finding through strategic use of natural light, with distinctive elements like the "ring of light" around the lift lobby. Breaking down the scale of high-rise apartment blocks, the façade adopts a deliberately randomized pattern to avoid monotony. Inspired by lily pads, entrance lobbies create a seamless transition, enhancing the sense of arrival and departure. Sky gardens counteract the detachment of high-rise living, infusing greenery and cross-ventilation. The central garden, designed for communal and leisurely activities, unfolds as a graphic tapestry, ensuring that the entire design, from apartment interiors to panoramic views, prioritizes resident comfort and a genuine sense of home.

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